Migula, Sydow & Wahlstedt, Characeae Exs.
Migula, E.F.A.W.; Sydow, P.; Wahlstedt, L.J. [1 - 150]

Field Museum of Natural History
Catalog #: C0535285F
F. Filarszky #s.n. 30 May 1894
Chara canescens J.L.A.Loiseleur-Deslongschamps
Hungary, Budapest, Kossuthfalva, Gabacsipuszta

University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley
Catalog #: UC2039036
Ferd. Filarszky #s.n. 30 May 1894
Chara crinita F.G.Wallroth
Hungary, Budapest, Kossuthfalva-Gabacsi puszta